"Joie de vivre" - your delight in simply living your life.

Introducing your local neighbourhood yoga studio, independently nurtured and nestled in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. We're here to reignite your joy.

Lets prioritise your self-care.

Your environment is SO important as is having a space where you can go outside of your own four walls to just simply breathe, simply be with yourself & your thoughts.

Bringing Joie Yoga to life isn't just a passion project for our founder, this central studio really is needed by students and yoga teachers alike. We love everything that city living has to offer but we have to take control of cultivating balance in our inner/outer worlds. We want you to know we are here to guide you !

Having experienced and undeniably suppressed burn out first hand, living and working in the City Centre I want you to know that you are most definitely not alone. Completely oblivious to what I was pushing my physical and mental health through. Ignoring all the signs and messages from my body. I can now look back and clearly see that my yoga practice was quite simply my ONLY non-negotiable. Like many, the physical aspect definitely got my attention but I left with so much more. I am extremely passionate as I KNOW how transformational & powerful these ancient living yogic traditions can be in our modern world. The last few years in particular have taken their toll on every single one of us in some shape or form- the studio, me, our teachers are here to support you in reigniting that spark and reclaiming your joy.

This studio honestly exists to support you, to be an extension of your home, where you're welcome exactly as you are.

We know you because we are you.

2022 & beyond

I took my first yoga teaching course unsure if it would be to develop my own practice or if I had a voice and urge to share- as the course came to a close opportunities were just there naturally, I leaped into teaching online initially a few hours a week and then straight into several local studios where I still teach weekly classes. They say your initial 200 hour course is like getting your provisional driving license and it really is. I am very much still learning and taking various additional teachings nearing 300 hours of training and continuing to add as I learn. It really is fascinating, evolving with a lifetime of learning. 


Working from home and studying for my yoga teacher training in my city centre apartment during lockdown made me (like many of us) assess EVERYTHING. I listened to my physical body, I noticed what zapped my energy, I stepped away from coffee, energy drinks, that chemical high, that false buzz of joy and as a result decided to completely step away from my corporate role. I moved industries altogether and now support local homeless families and charities by finding permanent homes within the community.


I just had a call to understand more, I was practising 7 days a week, without fail. I would work late into the night as long as I made it to my evening class. I was so fortunate having a local yoga school nearby that offered a course split over almost a year - I actually signed up to yoga teacher training to restore some form of work/life balance. Then cue Covid lockdown restrictions which gave me access to this other world of wisdom whilst sharing my one bedroom flat with my partner and dog- those breath work techniques came in handy every, single day. 


Without giving my age away, I quickly got fixated on climbing the corporate ladder. For years, completely in the zone dedicated to surpassing targets. I honestly hate to think how many coffees I had over these years to muster up the energy to act on repeat, day in day out. I even moved to be within a 10 minute walk to the office, completely naive to just adding to this complete imbalance between work/life BUT moving next door to my absolute saviour, a yoga studio!


Our Journey So Far



Opening a yoga studio idea has been a few years in the making in my heart but my nosey nature/architecture obsession meant I stepped foot into the studio & honestly couldn't let it continue to stay dormant. Through the power of yoga it is beyond exciting to reignite life back into this truly unique space. Bringing together a local community of people, local teachers & invaluable teachings. I know it will support so many of us.

Such a hard one to answer as we are surrounded by some absolute barista wizards! I think it has to be The Borrow Shop's coconut matcha & everything else they offer because, balance! And for even more balance, Tierra who are literally next door to the studio have the most incredible tacos (and margaritas) We are so so blessed to have all these independent places on our doorstep.

Favourite local pre/post class coffee ?

I must admit, podcasts are my go to every single day- if you had a spare 20 minutes & were open minded, I'd recommend listening to James Nestors 'The lost art of breathing' - those nearest to me literally roll their eyes each time I talk about the power of our breath, but put simply each of us takes more than 25,000 breaths a day, but it doesn't mean we're doing it right or evenly consciously. Listen to it!

Got a book, film or song that changed your entire view on life?

There's something about practising yoga completely surrounded by the elements - yoga in Ibiza is super powerful & I will most definitely hold a retreat there in the not so distant future. I love that you can be anywhere in the world, step foot into a studio having this common interest/shared practice with like minded souls, it blows my brain.

Most favourite place to practice yoga ?

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