"Joie de vivre" - your delight in simply living your life.

Our membership options are tailored for busy lives - becoming a member of the studio gives you access to daily yoga classes & teachings

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You ARE so deserved of rest, time to unwind, to take a breather. Prioritising the people around you, their wellbeing, your job is completely selfless & we salute you BUT we are here to tell you that your own self-care is not selfish, it really is essential. Our yoga memberships are the most affordable way for you to have a routine practice. Our timetable gives you choices of various styles & teachings to best support whatever it is you're in need of, knowing each class will be unique - that's why we call it a practice.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which aims to create union between body, mind and spirit, as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness.

We want to tell you that you cannot be all these things to all the people around you without slowing down the pace to restore your own energy. We know this doesn't come always come naturally and that is why our studio exists. You deserve dedicated time, space, to develop a ritual to move and breathe consciously, unapologetically.

By not consciously carving time into your routine where you can press pause will inevitably build up to burn out.

You prioritise your to do list well above your self-care

Yes, we ARE extremely passionate about yoga but that is because we know how transformational it can be. We're pretty sure you wouldn't treat those around you the way you do yourself. You are deserved of having support, a ritual, a practice, something that is a constant when so many things surrounding you are ever changing. Sometimes we have to surrender to control to the external world but having the ability through tools & yogic wisdom to cultivate inner balance is powerful.

Slowing down in this modern world isn't a sign of weakness, but quite the opposite. To keep up with the doing, you need to spend time simply being, restoring your energy.

What is your one non-negotiable that you do every single day to top up on your joy?

Reclaim your joy. Unwind. Restore your internal balance


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In person yoga classes held daily at your city centre private studio offering membership options to support your lifestyle.

We know you're busy but you really should come first in your daily routine. We have carefully curated a timetable offering a blend of styles with teachings from local teachers - whether you're discovering yoga for the first time or growing an existing practice, our classes offer space for everyone.

Yoga Memberships


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You don't have to commit right away! Come visit the studio for a class & a cuppa.

You may be in Birmingham with work, coming to a class with a friend or just wanting to top up your joy through the power of yoga. Pay for a class pass as you practice and use it against any of the weekday or weekend yoga classes we offer. This cannot be used to attend any of the workshop events which are priced accordingly from our timetable page.

Pay as you practice


corporate yoga enquiry

You may be an employer or employee wanting to offer yoga to strengthen a work - life harmony. Our location in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter makes the studio easily accessible but likewise, we have yoga teachers that can come to your office and provide the necessary equipment. Whether this is a weekly, monthly or quarterly offering to your team members, we can make suggestions based on how many people you'd like to offer a yoga class to. If you have team members working from home we can also support tailored online class packages.

Corporate Yoga Classes


personalised classed

Group settings aren't for everyone and that is completely your choice, its fine with us. We want you to know that we can still support you in your yoga practice. Some people like to have tailored classes when starting their yoga journey or when deepening a practice. We can offer private classes within the studio space or online. Get in touch to discuss what you're looking for & we can tailor a plan to your needs.

Private Personalised Classes - 1-2-1 or small groups


lets collaborate

We want this space to be used! We want to bring life to this dormant space so get in touch. You may be a local yoga teacher, a reiki master, a pilates teacher, therapist, counsellor, holistic health practitioner, a healer, a lightworker - we are absolutely open to collaborating or for you to use the space for existing clients.

Studio Space - Collaborations

The benefits of a regular practice are endless - improved sleep quality, increased self-compassion, reduction of anxious thoughts.


Connect with a like minded local community who are most probably stepping along a similar path to self-discovery.


Yoga changes your energy, your vitality, your ability to focus, enabling you to self-soothe your nervous system.


Put simply, Yoga makes you feel good! Approach with an open mind – you’ll feel different, more open, present, happier.


The Benefits

Moving from a yoga flow into a restorative floor based practice, this fusion of styles works to balance your internal energy- half the class will be a quicker pace working with your fiery yang energy, the masculine, doing and then the second half transitioning to balance with your yin energy (creative female energy, simply being) You will be guided through breath work to act as access to a restored, perhaps meditative space through a guided meditation.

Affirm your practice - I am deserved of finding my inner calm. I am calm and balanced.

Yang to Yin

Hatha yoga connects the dots between the physical body, emotional body, mental body and possibly, your spiritual body. There will be variations of each posture offered to enable to you explore your practice, please do not think you have to have stepped foot on a yoga mat before. This yoga practice is perfect if you just want to move, try something new, connect with yourself, your community, relieve stress, restore some balance in your life, relieve your physical body, build physical and mental strength, helping you to relax or put simply; just create some time for yourself, unapologetically.

Practice with the mantra - I am deserved of this time and space. I move with self-compassion and gratitude to my physical body.

Hatha Yoga

Awaken your physical body through a hatha flow based yoga class with real emphasis on connecting movement with breath and self enquiry. Explore ways to make your practice more personal. Classes will gradually work their way to floor based postures where your body can absorb the physical practice with an extended shavasana/ relaxation.

Practice with the mantra- I can, I am, I will. Or I am connected/ aligned.

Awakening Flow

Yoga-Chi is a powerful complimentary fusion of Yoga and Tai Chi. Blending the two authentic ancient disciplines creates profound benefits for the Mind and Body. You will be guided through natural and peaceful movement with emphasis on the breath. The fusion of disciplines creates noticeable peace, healing and harmony within whilst strengthening the body.

Affirm your practice with the mantras- All is well. I am Safe, I am Loved and Protected.


Let our class styles bring enthuse your joy

What we offer

You can access your account through the website browser or by downloading the GLOFOX app via iOS or Android app stores. This super user-friendly portal gives you access to all the info on classes available, teachers, workshops - you can book, cancel, look at your schedule all in a few clicks.

When you click on the class, there will be an option to 'book' - you will need to open an account through our booking portal to buy a single use class or choose your membership option. Simply click 'book' and follow the prompts.

Click on our Book Now tab to have access to the full weekly timetable of classes. By clicking onto the specific class, you can read more information on how the class will make you feel, who the teacher will be guiding you, the style of yoga & what else you can expect.

Let us guide you through the next steps to choosing your class or becoming a member of the studio.

Your yoga practice is unique and we want to support you in making it a ritual of self-care & self-discovery.



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Our studio timetable will be growing in 2024.

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"Your classes have allowed me to feel things I didn’t know I needed to feel. Every time I leave class my mind has relaxed and my breath feels at ease.”


"I floated home - honestly, I have never felt so relaxed before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Your teachings were truly beautiful - not like anything I've ever experienced before. I loved it & found it super inspiring."


"I’m very new to yoga and Maria has been an amazing teacher. She has an ability to make you feel so relaxed and the sessions are always so enjoyable. Thanks Maria for helping me find my new love for yoga!"

Our members joy

Purchasing a membership or buying a class pass gives you instant access to get booking! Simply choose your class, make your payment online & you will get a book confirmation either via email or through to your account straight away. There is a booking window & we do ask you either book your class or make any changes 30 mins before the class starts. The class will show how many spaces there are left or if the class is full- we know its not always possible but try & book in advance.

I'm in, how quickly can I practice ?

When you book, you'll get some in depth guidance on how to find us & what to do when you get to the studio.

When you visit us you'll see the HUGE RED doors on Legge Lane opposite the Ramgarhia Community Centre. Our home is within the Argent Centre- the beautiful Grade II listed building on the cross roads of Legge Lane/Frederick Street- you cannot miss it. The studio is hidden within the Centre itself- you simply need to dial the unit number & our teachers will let you in. You can take the stairs or the lift to the second floor - see you there !

How do I find the studio?

Absolutely - you can change to a different membership level should you find you want more/less yoga.

Likewise if you're out of Birmingham for some time, we can look at pausing your membership ready for when you come back. Just contact the studio & we can take care of the tech.

Can I change my level of membership once I've signed up?

Workshops are available to everyone - you don't have to be a member to take part but we of course give our members early access to booking workshops AND with a loyalty discount. Our Evolve membership does include two monthly workshops within the price. You can still book these workshops if you aren't a member, just at the full price!

Each month there will be guest teachers hosting a variety of workshops so signing up to our newsletter really is the best way to be the first in the know about our studio news.
Each month we will be bringing you Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Physical posture labs with some extra seasonal workshops.

You mention workshops, are these included? When are they on?

That is fine with us- contact us through the website, complete an enquiry form & we can talk you through your options or arrange to show you around the studio in person.

I want to practice but I still don't know which option to choose. Help!

Pick our brains - Let us answer your questions.